Galta Products

Big Scissor Lifts for alignment
3.5 Ton – 5.5 Ton

Double Scissor Lifts
3.0 Ton – 4.0 Ton

Fixed and Mobile lifts for Tire Shop
3.0 Ton – 4.0 Ton

2 post lifts
4.0 Ton

4 Post Lifts
4.0 Ton

Rolling Jack
2.0 Ton – 3.0 Ton

Motorcycle lifts
500 kg

Lifts for garage and spraybooth
3.0 Ton

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About us

Galta is a dynamic company with a simple and remarkable history: the passion of great industry professionals in the automotive sector, combined with the thirty-year experience of the staff, has developed a leading-edge business that aims to provide a product targeted to meet the needs of its global customers.

The choice of suppying the market whit 2 product lines allows Galta to satisfy the market in quality and ecomic terms, ensuring to the nished product the incomparable feature of the Made in Italy.

Starting from the design to the nished product Galta specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of high-quality lifts:

Big Scissor Lifts for alignment – 4T to 6T capacity
Double Scissor Lifts with mechanical/hydraulic safety release – 3T to 4T Electromechanic/electro-hydraulic 2 post lifts – 4T to 7T capacity
Lifts for garage and spray booths

The quality of our products is guaranteed thanks to:

4 Post Lifts alignment and at version – 3.5T to 5.5T capacity Fixed and Mobile lifts for Tire Shop
Motorcycle lifts
Rolling Jack: manual and pneumo-hydraulic – 2T/3T

– high investments in technology aimed at innovating and keeping all product lines at the forefront.
– a selected list of approved and reliable suppliers located within a few miles from our plant.
– a production crew, with decades of experience, made up of engineers, technical draftsman and skilled workers. – strict quality controls and a fast and readily customer service.

Galta makes use of more than 14,000 square meters of plants: a 4000 square meters property is located in Italy, Montecchio Maggiore (VI) and it houses the production department, the showroom, the administrative / commercial o ces and the management; a second overseas plant of over 10,000 square meters is used for the construction of carpentry components.

Galta’s sales team is structured and organized to interpret e ciently the needs of the market and of its trading partners requests. GALTA markets its products through a selected network of loyal distributors and resellers, located in more than 45 countries around the world, and it has developed 75% of its turnover on the foreign market, 40% of which in Europe.
Thanks to an expert and virtuous professional chain of over 28 distributors and more than 40 certi ed installers, the Galta brand is widely present within the Italian territory.

Just as our products are “BORN TO LIFT” the Galta staff also strive to constantly raise the level of quality of its products and services, guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting technological solutions.

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