About us


Galta is the result of the synergy of a passionate and competent work team with the investment capacity guaranteed by international capital. Our goal is clear and ambitious: to continue AGM‘s prestigious tradition in the car lift market, establishing ourselves as a benchmark company for innovation, build quality and customer care.

With these points of reference, Galta has grown steadily on the markets in recent years, with two product lines and a complete range of products able to meet the most diverse handling needs for workshops and body shops.

Today Galta is a solid company, which generates about 75% of its turnover on international markets, thanks to a network of more than 150 distributors and dealers in more than 45 countries worldwide. But above all it is a company that honours the prestige of the AGM brand by looking towards the future, always planning new investments for product and process innovation.

This also includes the doubling of our premises in Italy, which have recently been expanded from 2,500 to 5,000 square metres: a new starting point that will enable us to tackle even more effectively the challenges that technological and regulatory changes impose on all operators in the automotive supply chain.

We were in the swinging Sixties: the years of the economic boom and mass motorisation that brought a car into every Italian household. The number of road vehicles in Italy, as in the rest of Europe, had grown tenfold in a decade, and a more modern and effective service network was required.

This desire for progress and a genuine spirit of innovation in 1967 led to the development of the first car lifts by what was to become AGM, a brand destined to establish itself internationally in the sector for the quality and innovation of its production.

These were in fact the first hydraulic car lifts, an innovative solution for the time, capable of guaranteeing low energy consumption, silent operation, less maintenance and at the same time excellent control of movements.

This concept has been perfected over the years with the continual launch of new models for the most diverse maintenance requirements.

Today Galta is the rightful heir to this tradition, with a line of  “Made in Italy” products under the AGM brand and all the know-how of that prestigious experience, thanks to a team of collaborators with over twenty years of experience and the same passion as always for a product destined for workshops and body shops throughout Europe.

What we believe in

Our values

We believe in quality

For this reason, each unit is carefully checked by a technician with several years of experience before being delivered to the customer: this ensures reliability and reduces the possibility of installation problems. A commitment certified by the 24-month warranty on all our products.


We believe in innovation

Our motto is “BORN TO LIFT” and consistently we strive to constantly raise our level of quality through continuous research in product and process innovation.

We believe in people

Because our team, with its expertise and passion for its work, represents Galta’s true added value. The custodian of a true wealth of know-how which, from AGM‘s experience to the present day, guarantees the quality and reliability of the products marketed, but also the seriousness of the relationship established with customers on a daily basis.

Strategic skills

Know how

The origins of Galta lie in the entrepreneurial history of AGM, a brand that is still acknowledged as a point of reference by international customers. A tradition that for Galta represents a fundamental wealth of know-how and at the same time an incentive to achieve new goals every day.


Located in the heart of the Italian mechatronics district, Galta uses mainly Italian suppliers based just a few kilometres from its plant. This strategic choice was made from the outset to ensure the highest standards of quality and flexibility in production, but today it is also a strategy for securing supplies in an international context of general uncertainty.


Galta’s financial solidity and the support of important international capital now allow the company to plan its future growth, as witnessed by the development of new products and the doubling of its premises in Italy, which recently expanded from 2,500 to 5,000 square metres.

Customer service

We guarantee customer satisfaction also through the quality of our service, thanks to a wide range of product customisation options and a team of technicians ready to intervene in the event of any problems, including swift workshop inspections.

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